ATMs without cash this weekend

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  • I wonder if it will be possible to exchange foreign currency for pesos at supermarkets.

    At Coto they do accept USD and EUR, and note the applied exchange rate at the cashier. However, I do not understand if this is just for bills used to buy stuff or if you can actually change the bills.

    Might buy one bon-o-bon with a Ben and see how it goes... :)

    I am still unbanked and I do not see the advantage of being banked in Argentina: you cannot get your money out, your saving are at their disposal (i.e. converted overnight from USD to ARS), to get payments from abroad you have to fill in forms, to get payments from clients abroad you have to present invoices...

    Many things that are 'untouchable' my the government abroad are very volatile and subjective in Argentina. If even this government is able to bring banking to normal, there is no guarantee that the next government will revert things. It is really fucked.

  • Yep, I have been here 7 years and have never once considered banking here.

  • I had a bank account for a year or two for the shop, but I closed it when the charges simply became excessive. Not to mention how long it was taking for CC payments for customers to hit the account and even they were taking a bucket load of commission.

    Is it any wonder no one trusts banks in this fucked up country?

  • New Orleans banks are also closed for the 4-day Mardi Gras weekend. But I can guarantee you that they will not run out of money before reopening on Wednesday. Perhaps the banks in Argentina need to charge higher fees, to incentivize them to provide better customer service?