Russian ladies giving birth in Argentina to get a new nationality for their baby

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  • There is a big scandal that has been talked about in recent days on TV and other Arg media.

    The number of Russian ladies coming here to give birth to get an Argie passport for their kid and by default an Argie passport for themselves as a partner of an Argie kid.

    Apparently, on tonight's Ethiopian airline flight 80 will arrive !!

    Four or five were detained last night but they seem to have been allowed in today.

    Should these ladies be allowed in?

    some of them are being represented by Christian Rubilar, a lawyer who appears on the other site from time to time.

    I saw him on TV tonight and he seems much more intelligent live on TV than he did on the other site.

    Certainly, one to follow. There will be more on TV and in the press on this.

    This is part of the scandal

    Retuvieron a otras tres mujeres embarazadas rusas en Ezeiza y ya son seis las “falsas turistas” que no pueden ingresar al país
    Así lo confirmó hoy Florencia Carignano, directora nacional de Migraciones. Al notar que no tenían pasaje de regreso, fueron sometidas a interrogatorios de…

    But there is more as apparently there have been a few passports dished out in January in exchange for cash.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Russian ladies giving birth in Argentina to get a new natuionality for their baby” to “Russian ladies giving birth in Argentina to get a new nationality for their baby”.
  • We hear and see many Russian in the streets of Palermo. They are adult, well dressed, and educated. And always with a stroller with a baby and/or a big belly! Definitely not the image of the war refugees we have been used to see on TV.

    However, I would the same in their position: look for the best option for me and my family.

    In one of the articles on La Nación, they explained that some women travel alone with the kids because the husband could be called in combat and can't leave Russia. How sad!

    We should not assume that all Russians support Putin and the war. What should they do?

    Their passport allows them to travel to less and less countries, the borders around them are closing, they can't protest against the government in Russia, they are not treated well in their own hospitals and the future isn't certainly looking brighter in Russia.

    I don't understand the fuss at the airport, to be honest. Russians do not need a visa to enter Argentina (unlike other countries). Plenty of Argentinians travel to Italy just to get their citizenship by descent (it's the law, they say) and it is okay because it is allowed by the law. If the Argentinian law says whoever is born on Argentinian soil is Argentinian... it's the law! Perhaps these women have no right to travel while pregnant?

    Plus, Argentinians always complain about "dark" people from poorer South American countries coming here to exploit the public system, they should be only happy to get white, wealthy and educated folks from Eastern Europe.

    There are several articles on this on the Guardian:

    ‘Everyone is looking for options’: Russian women fly to Argentina to give birth
    South American country is experiencing a boom in birth tourism, as Russians make use of rare visa-free travel

    This one from Yahoo UK is free, though:…sian-women-023102123.html

  • That's a very good article from The Guardian, although I never get a paywall on it. They ask you to contribute but you can still read all their news.