Don't see coins very much any more?

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  • I've just noticed that we don't see peso coins much any more. Centavo coins went a while ago and I used to get a lot of peso coins at toll booths until I got a tag for the bike.

    As we've mentioned before, in shops they just seem to round up, probably to their own advantage. I used to collect coins in a jar and last year I ended up with about $500 worth of coins, which at the time was worth something, so I took them to Coto, for which they were very grateful and bought beer!

    But it's confusing because now we have two types of $1 and $2 coins, with $5 and $10 coins too, which nobody uses any more.

    Adri said I should get rid of all my saved coins because soon, nobody will want them. What a sign of the times when inflation is only in our pretty little heads.

    I'll take these to the kiosk in exchange for some baccy papers as they only have a value of about $130.