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Krazy Kirchnerism

  • Menstruation is inequality, according to this woman and a study emanating from cabinet chief, Juan Manzur.

    Free tampons for women?

    (María Eugenia Catalfamo is an Argentine journalist and politician currently serving as a National Senator for San Luis Province. A member of the Justicialist Party, Catalfamo was elected in 2017 and currently sits in the Frente de Todos parliamentary bloc.)

  • Female sanitary products have been available in Scotland since last year.

    Period poverty: Scotland first in world to make period products free
    MSPs unanimously approve a bill giving a legal right to free access to sanitary products in public buildings.

    Scotland Makes Period Products Free
    The country is the first to offer tampons, sanitary pads and other menstrual products free of charge.

  • In Italy, there were discussions about this last year, too. It is an economic burden to women, a burden that men don't have! As a result, the VAT on those product was reduced from 22% to 10%, but we are far from making them available for free! As a comparison, medical aids (like prosthetics, hearing aids, eyeglasses) are taxed at 4%.

    Here in Argentina they are very affordable, I buy the best I can with little money. I stock up whenever the exchange is good and the stock is available. I re-stock every 6 months. I friend just brought over from Italy a 4-pack of Tampax, totaling 96 tampons - the cost was €29. I am good for over one year.

    I was talking about it with my mother, and she said that when she was young, only OB tampons were available in Italy (the same still available here, with no applicators) and she was not comfortable using them. It was only when Tampax launched the application ones that she was finally able to use internal tampons! Mind you, my mom is turning 69 this year... Argentina is still back 40 years on its own! IMPORT TAMPAX!!!