- Buy from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and receive it in Argentina

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  • During a football match on national TV, I saw the ad of, an online store that promises to deliver to your Argentinian door your purchases made in the US. They will take care of the paperwork, but still you have to comply with AFIP rules (max USD1,000 per purchase, max 5 purchases per year, goods are taxed).

    However, TiendaMia promises no surprises. Interestingly, some items are refurbished, hence the lower price which allows them to be below the 1,000USD per purchase mark.

    Prices shown in big are net prices, then shipping and taxes apply. Clic on the item that draws your interest and in the next page you will see the actual cost (in small). For some items, return is not available. I bet it would be so expensive that you couldn't even if it was available.

    Any first hand experience to report?

  • This looks like a good site. What do you do if an item arrives damaged?

    That's a good question. Last night I browsed for first-hand experience, and they were all positive. Except one, where the listing was not right and the guy received the wrong spare part for his car. At that point, returning the item and getting a refund became a nightmare. =O

    That's partially due to the extremely high shipping costs between US and Argentina (guess which way is more expensive!)