Argentinisches Tageblatt’ newspaper stops printing after 134 years

  • No wonder of this, As the european inmigration ceased from 1950, the differents communities step by step faded, and there was no elder people to follow in their own language the news of their former countries.

    I recall that when I was a boy, we had The Buenos Aires Herald, Le Quotidien in French, Il Corriere degli Italiani in Italian, the Argentinisches Tageblatt and many more from Greek, Armenian, Jews, Polish inmigrants.

    I think this a pity, we were very universal and comprehensive with the aliens in those times.

    Now we have L Gante as an example of musician and today's poetry.

    A Requiem for Argentine cultural heritage.

    Dante Alighieri said "there is no most grief than remembering the good old days in the present misery"

    in Italian:Nessun maggior dolore che ricordarsi dei tempi felici nella miseria"

    (Divine Commedy, c. 1250)