Advice on ATMs in Argentina.

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  • Hello Everybody,

    I have made several small purchases with my VISA card and I am still waiting for them to show on my bank account.

    I will have to keep some cash for traveling, and so I am looking at the ATM network.

    Specifically what are the withdrawal limits in pesos, and how much are the fees.???

    I am thinking I will have to withdraw cash every 3 days.

    Your advice and recommendations will be much appreciated.. :any-help:


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    Hello Sarran1955,

    there are physical limitations due to the number of bills that ATM machines can process per single transaction. I think the limit is 80 bills, but it may depend on the ATM machine itself (older model may process even less bills).

    Personally, my ATM has a 80-bills limit for deposit, so I suppose it will be the same for withdrawals. In the best case scenario, the machine will give 1000 pesos bills, so it would be 80k ARS (= 228 USD at the blue rate)

    Hence, depending on the machine, you may be able to withdraw at most the equivalent 170 USD per transaction (60k ARS, considering a blue rate of 350). The fees for each transaction with a foreign card are around 10-15%. Please bear in mind that you can only withdraw pesos at the official rate. So, a total waste of money.

    Another thing to consider, is that ATMs can run out of bills, especially during the weekend.

    I recommend reading this article, updated to Nov 2022.

  • Hello Serafina,

    Thank you for that information..and the article.

    All most enlightening..

    So I will pay by card wherever possible, and carry enough cash for 2 weeks.

    I am still getting to grips with the fact that 1000 pesos is about 5 euros..

    Waaaay back in the '80s we used to go to Jugoslavia, when they had crazy inflation.. I think it got to 2600 dinar to the pound sterling..



  • To the best of my knowledge (which isn't very much) you will only get the improved exchange rate (MEP) when you use a Visa or Mastercard to purchase goods or services. Cash taken out of ATMs will, I believe only be converted at the lower rate of exchange so that, and the extortionate charges levied by the banks both at this end and in your home country make it a very unattractive way to obtain currency notes.

  • One compromise could be to exchange it all before your solo trip, deposit the pesos in your son's local account and ask to borrow his card while you are traveling. This is not the best solution since, as other members have mentioned, cards are often not accepted. However, you would be able to withdraw pesos when an ATM is around.

    You wouldn't be able to pay using his card since your ID wouldn't match the name on the card (they check it every time here), but at least you can get cash while on the road without paying extortioner's ATM fees and getting the official exchange rate instead of the blue one.

  • Hello everybody,

    Thanks for all the help and advice. I think I will take a reasonable amount of cash and make all my purchases with the card, so I'll need to ask if they take a card before buying.... a bit like 'look before you leap'...

    I still am getting used to the latest prices....I was looking for a carrier and top box for the motor cycle which I found ridiculously expensive (imported) to go on the carrier frame (made in Argentina) very reasonable, will be fitted today. Then the taxi back was 400 pesos, he must have used a litre of petrol.. so not making much there..