Elon Musk - defender of freedom of expression or megalomaniac?

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  • He's just suspended numerous journalists for allegedly sharing his live location, yet has reinstated Trump's account which most people acknowledged as a source of disinformation at the very least.

    I'll never understand why Twitter exists in the first place, except for bitching, grandstanding and soap-box opera. But is seems that this is what Musk is all about in the end.

    Is he really any different to the very people he so despises?

  • Bloody suspended my Twitter account for allegedly selling counterfeit products.

    All very strange as I dont sell anything on Twitter.

    I have asked them three times for proof of this alleged offence and no bloody reply .

    Beginning to loos patience

  • Recently, I received an email from Facebook saying that my ad account was under review and was temporarily on hold. The reason was a clueless "infringement of ad rules". There is a review process, which I took advantage of since I haven't advertised anything on FB for many years. I was asked to upload a DL to verify my identity. Did that and my ad account was suspended forever.

    Not sure what I did nor what prompted the suspension. Many years ago, I tried to use FB ads to promote my services, but services weren't allowed to advertise back then. I think it is still the same to this day. Anyway, I didn't get any business so I never repeated the ad campaign.

    Social media are not transparent or fair, at all. I wonder if also crypto currencies will take the same path (starting as fairer than current government and ending up being way worse).

  • Social media are not transparent or fair, at all. I wonder if also crypto currencies will take the same path (starting as fairer than current government and ending up being way worse).

    There is no world-wide right to access to social media as far as I am aware. There is no right (again, as far as I am aware) for any American to be able to speak freely through any privately-owned medium. All there is AFAIAA is the constitutional duty of the Government of the USA not to impede the right to free speech of its citizens.

    So the private owners of these privately owned social media can do whatever-the-heck they want to and, in the interests of the bottom line can change their minds about anything, any time.

    That's why I'd be very cautious about running any sort of business that was completely dependent on the goodwill of social media companies: even worse, to make oneself completely dependent on the goodwill of just one social media company alone. The whole business could be wiped out overnight on a whim. And unlike the social media companies which seem to exist in the virtual world, banks and other creditors are very much real-world institutions and will come looking for their real-world debts.

  • Mr Bastard Musk and his troops have refused to reply to my missives.

    As I mentioned earlier I was banned for selling counterfeit products.

    I have asked for evidence and of course, there isn't any , but they just don't reply.

    Would love to see his empire crumble right now.

  • He seems to suffer from that incurable illness that disproportionately affects the powerful and ultra-rich: its technical name is I’m-So-Important-I-Can-Do-Absolutely-Anything-Including-Sitting-on-My-Own-Grenade.

  • I had been reading that many were advising X CEO Linda Yaccarino to leave after the advertisers paused two weeks ago. Seems she is on-board. with memo to employees to stick with it even after Musks latest follow-up rant.

    Yaccarino: “Our principles do not have a price tag”

    X advertisers stay away as CEO defends Musk’s “go f*** yourself” interview
    "Elon's interview was candid and profound," Yaccarino writes in memo to staff.