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Off-duty policewoman shoots motorcycle robber dead

  • An off-duty policewoman who was returning home with her husband and child aboard a motorcycle in Merlo, shot dead a murdering motorcycle thief of 24 years old as he and his accomplice tried to rob her bike at gunpoint.

    On seeing this, the neighbours grabbed the accomplice and dished out their own medicine to him which resulted in his hospitalisation.

    One and a half less...

  • So much for security cameras. My guess is that their hoodies kept their faces hidden from the cameras. But even if not?? Our neighbor has a camera mounted near the $1700 keypad entryway our bldg had collectively installed very recently. A vandal came straight over to the camera, glowered into it, then twisted the keypad right off its mounting before sauntering down the street. All of this 1/2 block from a police station.

    I’m glad y’all are extra careful, Splinter .

  • Indeed, Rice ! Security camera are just to provide a false sense of security to citizens and to catch unruly neighbors. They do not deter thieves and criminals. Only the stick would do it.

    Every time something clamorous happens, the criminal is always said to have already committed 10+ crimes... so where is the justice in all of this?

    Today my husband was in Recoleta to buy a batter for my watch. He parked in double row as he just had to pop into the store and was on a hurry. A guy came trying to sell him sockets, and my husband said he was in a hurry and hurried away. When he was back, the guy approached him again and told him "but you have a car" and another sock seller started walking toward them. He popped into the car, and the guy was slipping his hand through the window. My husband started searching for the pepper spray, as the other incident involving a cartonera attacking him through the car window is still fresh. He luckily withdrew the hand on his own and my husband was able to leave.

    The homeless lady won't stop asking him for money despite his explanation that he can't give her 1000 pesos every day.

    She gave her 500. She said she is sick etc etc.

    I am not faulting the lady, she is sick and has a deformity. But she has been in the streets for 15 years. We can't support her indefinitely. Next day also the men that are there with her will start asking money. And then those "living" in the next block(s).