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Indonesia - no sex outside marriage

  • And given that encompasses Bali (amongst other places) where tourists congregate, associate and...err... integrate, then that's a worry for a country that hitherto has been striving to stimulate its tourism industry.

    It's completely bonkers. Who is going to police it and how? And will it spawn Orwellian sneaks who report you to the thought police?

    Will the authorities swab women's privates and will there be other tests?


  • When we went to India, the hotel where we stayed in Varanasi had an interesting review on TripAdvisor. The reviewer was an Indian couple who was unable to get a double room because they were not married. They said that they didn't ask the same question to tourists and that it was discriminatory.

    We were married but nobody asked us for proof, so I tend to believe it. I was surprised to see the hidden face of India right at OUR hotel that catered to international tourists.