tyre shortage

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  • I am sure that most of you will have read of the tyre shortage as a result of strikes and a shortage of material that must be imported.

    My car has a high-performance “run flat “ tyre.

    They have not been available for some months, and I should have changed them about 2 months ago.

    My local tyre guy hasn’t been able to get them but I got a call last week from one of his mates and he offered me an unknown brand for $US 850 per tyre . I had to commit there and then – so I said no thanks.

    I called a friend who works in a car showroom in Montevideo in Uruguay and asked for some help – in ten minutes he came up with a quote of $390 per tyre.

    So by shopping in Uruguay, I save $ 1800 dollars…..

    Bloody crazy, so later on this week, I get the ferry over with Mrs GJ and GJ Jr , change the tyres and nip down to Punta del Este for a week with the money we have saved.

    We normally have a pre-Christmas week in Carilo – so this year we do not spend in the local economy but in our neighbouring country.

    I am also unable to get a rear light for my car – the importer says he does not have a date when he will have them again – I have bought the light in Spain, but I am not allowed to import it. Clearly someone is protecting importers who cannot import.

    Life in Argentina is wonderful.

  • US$390???? That's more than I paid for a whole car once!!!

    But I find the whole spare parts issue very frustrating too. A family member bought a brand new washing machine which broke down within 4 months. The retailer was unable to fix it due to lack of parts and would have been happy to leave it like that. Some heavy language and the threat of involving Defensa de Consumidor got them to take it away and refund the purchase price but that's now left them without a washing machine!

  • There seems to be a shortage of anything that's imported. The missus got too close to a delivery lorry at Vea the other week and ripped open the side of the car. The insurance company has agreed to cover the cost of parts and repairs however I suspect the wait for the parts needed will take yonks if they are imported. Thankfully, the car's still drivable so we can wait.