Printing issue

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  • I have a monochrome laser printer by Brother (model HL 1210W) that from time to time has a odd behavior printing PDFs and Word files.

    This happens with one-page files and simple (not big, no embedded attachments, no digital signature) PDF files.

    Basically, the characters are printed crammed.

    This has been going on for over a year and sometimes the only way to avoid this is to convert the file to a different format (for example, from PDF to PNG) and print again. I have updated the drivers over the months, but this has never solved the issue.

    I am wondering if someone has experienced this issue. I tried to look up on the internet for help but perhaps I am not using the right keywords.

    Below, on the left what I see on screen (PDF file obtained from a. PTT "printed as PDF") and on the right how the print looks- You can see that the characters are extra spaced and then crammed, to the point that they overlap and the word is unintelligible.

  • I know nowt about it but have to ask if you're printing from a laptop or a mobile phone? Reason I ask is the missus loses the plot when printing certain files from her phone. Some turn out similar to yours. I always advise her to stop her ruddy moaning and power up her laptop....and they print just fine.