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Headache Tablets !

  • Hi, AnOldFriend , and welcome to the forum (I assume you’ll be a contributing member?).

    As I’m not from the UK and am currently away from Argentina, I can’t help. I’m sorry about that, as I’d like to raise your opinion about people in 2022 not caring.

    I am curious: what are these mystical Argentine tablets, and why are they better than something similar that UK chemists have?

  • They cost around 5000 pesos per hundred. The money doesn't really matter to me.

    Cheers, John.

    My brother told me not to offer so much money because it will make people suspicious ! I replied incredulously that I didn't know about what there was to be suspicious and how it could be more incentivising to offer less ?! I'm not cut out for this world !

    So you think that someone would mule for a stranger a bunch of pills for less than 20 USD and this is an amount "too high" that could raise suspicion? I.e. all the trouble for less than 20 USD and looking for someone who can spend a thousand on a flight to the UK.

    Take a plane and come buy them yourself, if you really need them and money is no issue.

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    Don't get upset AnOldFriend. The questions people are asking are natural.

    It is strange to receive requests from a brand new poster.

    I am totally fed up sending small packets to my sisters in the UK that never arrive.

    I have to talk later today to DHL about a few things and I will throw your query at them about OTC medicines. It may be possible but I suspect there may be a limit to the quantity you can send

    Also just to say that Mrs GlasgowJohn is also a big fan of Migral!

  • I agree with GlasgowJohn, AnOldFriend : the questions are natural ones, and you have given thorough answers. As background, you should probably understand that people actually interested participating in the forum usually demonstrate their interest in being part of the community before asking for something. All too often, people appear out of nowhere with an ask or with something to sell, never to be heard from again. We aren’t a “hard crowd;” just one that is a little wary after some experience with folks who actually have no intention of being active forum members.

    You seem to enjoy writing. Are you joining the forum in order to actually participate?

    Were I in BsAs, I’d be happy to buy your OTC medicine and to stand in line at the Correo to send to you, even given their dismal record for actual delivery. Without any financial incentive. And then I would hope to see regular posts from you!

  • Just talked to DHL on another matter and as I had a decent guy on the other end of the phone I asked about medicines.

    He said they don't do it as a matter of pólicy to any country.

    The guy has been with the company for 5 years and he can not recall a case when they have done it.

    Just sent DM to the OP