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Telepase - driving on toll roads

  • Telepase remains a big mystery to me. We have one, and we quickly found out that you have to enable it with each company running different portions of toll roads. So we have associated it (well, my husband has) with 3 or 4 companies that run the toll roads going north, south and west. Today I drove my husband to the airport, and seeing the Telepase lane to exit the airport, I innocently thought I could pay with our Telepase. I scanned the entry ticket but it said there was no corresponding receipt.

    I am not sure if it meant that I had to get a receipt at the airport or else. A man approached me and I told him I wanted to pay with the Telepase. He had me drive in rear and go to a manual lane. I asked the lady if I could pay using Telepase and she said I need to have it associated/authorized for use at the airport.

    I found this post by Sir Chandler but I don't understand well if the issue was that we entered the airport using a manual lane and taking the entry ticket (I didn't see any Telepase lane going in...) or else.

    From the comments it seems that you have to enter the usual lane but NOT push the button to get the ticket and/or that you need to have Telepase PLUS.

    I am still very confused. Perhaps you know any better?

    In Italy there is just one company running all toll roads, so the device works on all highways and airports. You have to enter and exist using dedicated lane(s) and that's it.

    Also, every lane of the barrier (even the manual lane) can read the Telepass (this is how it is called in Italy), and in bigger barriers there is a lane reserved to Telepase and to cashless payments (like cards), plus a manual one. Today on the AU Ricchieri to Ezeiza there were just 3 Telepase lanes with lines, whereas the manual ones were empty.


  • I've used Telepase all over BA without having to associate it with any other operators. Are you referring to the entrance toll to Eze? If so, that isn't Telepase as far as I know, but simply a parking charge. The ticket indicates how long you stayed/parked at the airport.

    When we drove down to Sierra de los Padres last year, the tag worked in every toll booth regardless of operator.

  • We had to associate ours to AUSA, Autopista del Sol and AUBASA. We get separate invoices from each company. My husband says that he has to check every month the statement on each website, as they do not notify you that there is a bill pending. Perhaps it is because we pay using with Mercadopago?

    On the TelePASE website there is a Google Map showing which company runs each highway. I am not sure why it doesn't embed in this post, but here is the link:

    RED DE TELEPASE – Google My Maps

    It is possible to pay the parking at Ezeiza using Telepase, which is what I would like to do.