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  • That is really nice looking, and I’m glad you didn’t have to deal with the rude nitwit.

    I would say, though, in defense of all the Argentine people who are honorable, punctual, generous and kind, that without our rose-colored glasses, we can all remember people in our own home countries who were not exactly stellar folks to do business with….

    Yes, most Argentines are honourable people, but that doesn't negate the fact that they have no idea when it comes to punctuality. I always turn up five or ten minutes early which they refer to as Hora Inglesa, but they never emulate that. Even Adri admits to the same.

  • In the US, and I imagine in most countries, there are varying norms for punctuality, depending upon the region and whether the situation is social or business.

    For business appointments, punctuality is demanded and generally strictly observed. Everywhere.

    Where we live, for social invitations, it is actually rude to appear promptly at the designated time. An 8pm invitation to someone’s house means arriving between 8:10 and 8:15.

    I would guess similar norms exist in all of your countries, with just the observed time interval varying?

    In some Latin American countries, it seems that that interval for social appointments is so elastic as to be nonexistent, so an 8pm invitation is interpreted as “come whenever you want to,” making it difficult if not impossible for hosts to serve dinner before it is tough as leather, and before more punctual guests need to go home.

    The point of all this musing is to suggest that, because individual interpretations of social arrival times are so normal in Argentina, perhaps there is carryover to business appointments as well, so that EVERY meeting-up time is taken as only a suggestion?

  • And we’ve all experienced that!

    But a business appointment surely is meant to mean AT, not NEAR, the agreed time?

    Otherwise, how are dental, medical, legal, and business offices run? Does a 12:17 flight mean 12:17 or whenever?