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Tropical storms

  • With eyes on Hurricane Ian now slamming Cuba and barreling towards Florida’s west coast, people who live in non-tropical-storm areas always ask about these menaces, and about the differences between hurricanes and typhoons. posted this today:

    “The word cyclone is a general term for a large storm system, the most severe kind of which is called atropical cyclone. The words hurricane and typhoon are simply different names for tropical cyclonesTropical cyclones that originate in the West (mostly over the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico) are called hurricanesTropical cyclones that originate in the East (mostly over the western Pacific and northern Indian Ocean) are called typhoons. A tornado is different altogether—it’s a funnel cloud that forms from a storm over land (sometimes as part of a hurricane). Tornadoes are much smaller in scale than hurricanes.

  • A Canadian friend sent this link to a human interest podcast. This episode focuses on Canada’s NE provinces in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, featuring a woman with that unique accent. A surprising reference is to the practice of collecting lobsters that wash up on the beach (“like roadkill”).

    [If you have a musical sense of humor, about 17 minutes in, is an interview with the guy who invented the hilarious computer game “Trombone Champ.” And for Splinter’s mate Nigel, a report on Nigel Night at a Canadian pub.]

    September 26: Hanging on for dear life - As It Happens from CBC Radio
    Fiona Survivor, Fiona Aftermath, Trombone Champ, Quebec Indigenous Healthcare Training, Carol Check-In, Quebec Edibles and more.