Streaming the Olympics

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  • Is there any easy way to stream the Olympics. I have good internet connection but no Cable tv of any sort. I have my computer and Apple TV.

    Also would like to see the US (or any English language) programing if possible.

    Thanks for any help.

  • If there is a legal to do so, it will be publicized when the time comes. It all depends on who bought TV rights in your specific country.

    That said, if you have an Apple TV I assume you also have an Apple computer, you could find a streaming on the web and then share your computer screen with the Apple TV wirelessly.

    I.e. if the US CNN is streaming the olympics, you could go on from your computer and send the video/audio to your Apple TV.

    I am sure that TVP in Argentina will be streaming the Olympics, but I am not aware of an App from TVP on the App Store for the Apple TV, and it will be in Spanish.

    Now, one thing I was never able to do is to share screen when using a VPN. I.e. I am using a VPN to use a US IP address (for banking, etc.). When my VPN is ON, I can access Netflix US and thus watch more contents not available for Argentina. I have the VPN installed on my MacBook and iPad, however I cannot send the video to my Apple TV. The Apple TV detects an error and does not show any content. I ca either watch US Netflix directly on my MacBook or on the iPad.

    Alternatively, if you have a cable to share your screen directly from your Macbook to your TV (skipping the Apple TV), you could watch your VPN-ed content.

  • Thanks,

    No problem with the computer to TV connection.

    Problem is that NBC has the Olympics and you have to have a code from a US provider like Comcast in order to watch anything on NBC live. I wouldn't mind paying NBC a fee to legally watch the Olympics (starts tomorrow) but as far as I can tell there is no way to do this.

    If you know a legal or ill I would appreciate hearing about it.

  • If you know a legal or ill I would appreciate hearing about it.

    I believe YouTubeTV should offer the Olympics as part of their package. It is available only in the US so you will need to IP mask your location and pay using a US based credit card. There 1 month trial so you might end up not paying a dime.

    I have found interesting information on this website -- it says that Express VPN can be installed also on the Apple TV (4th and 5th gen only) -- you can subscribe also to one month only for 13 USD. However, I believe that if you use a free VPN from your computer you will get the same result. Years ago I was using Hola! (free) until Netflix blocked it. Now I am using NordVPN (paid - this link contain a referral to my account).

    Between VPNs and TV streaming service is a cat-mouse situation: the VPNs continuously add servers, as the TV streaming services block them regularly. Nord VPN, for example, updates a list of the server to be used to watch Netflix. I am not aware if there are better VPNs out there nowadays.

    Therefore I suggest you look into the specific VPN-TV streaming combination. For example try googling 'what is the best VPN to watch YouTubeTV from abroad?' or 'what is the best VPN to watch Netflix from abroad?'

  • Thanks S.

    I tried to sign up for YouTube TV last night but a VPN won't help unless a VPN on the phone masks your location. You have to sign on with your phone even when you try to sign up with the TV App. Google sends you to your phone for the final sign up.

    I also tried Hulu but their live service doesn't work outside of the US.

    I think I'll just buy a ticket to Korea :=)