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Excellent customer service

  • It's so unusual I had to post.

    Washing machine got delivered this morning - Yesterday I got a mail saying it would be delivered between 8.00am and 8.00pm - Wasnt too pleased as that would tie me to the house all day.

    This morning at 08.15 am , the driver called and asked if 08.45am was fine for me.

    He arrived at 08.40 .

    Totally shocked that something works here.

  • I am glad this worked favorably for you. He must have started from the farthest delivery and work his way toward Capital or where his store is.

    I ordered a book a couple of weeks ago on a website called as the book I was interested into was on offer. The delivery time was going to be 7-10 days (mind you, this is a book by an Argentinian author printed and distributed in Argentina). A feriado in the middle (August 15) and true to their promises, in the afternoon of the 10th day the book was actually traveling to us. Except that the notification email arrived at 5.30 PM but had a dispatch time of 2:30 PM. Anyway, we were at home until 8:30 PM, then we left to go out for dinner. After dinner I casually checked for a status update to see if was going to be rescheduled for the next day and I read that the driver attempted delivery at 9:32 PM but nobody was home. There was also a picture of our building entrance as proof!!!

    I felt really bad for that poor soul that was still making deliveries at night. He came again the next day in the morning.

  • And another case......

    I was contracting internet for our new house.

    Claro has a monopoly in our area, but prices are still very decent. Still, i was a little unsure about how they did things

    I could order fibre optic internet only, internet plus tv , or internet plus tv plus a fixed phone line

    Internet was either 50 megas , 100 megas or 300 megas.

    I placed my order online on Tuesday - Got a call within 10 minutes and the young lady talked me through my order . I had ordered 300 megas but she said to me to try with 100megas and if I needed more, just give them a call.

    We agreed that the technical guy would come today.

    This morning I accidentally double-booked myself - So I called Claro and changed it from this afternoon to tomorrow afternoon.

    They called me in 5 minutes to say no problem and it was all OK.

    Very impressed with their service so far.

  • I can also vouch for Claro being top-notch for customer service in all respects.

    I've been using a Garmin Nuvi 67 GPS, which I bought second hand, for about four years now and it's served me well, especially during the pandemic when I was riding all over the place.

    A few months ago it stopped charging so I took it to a GPS repair shop in Olivos and they replaced the USB connector on the main board but it didn't solve the problem. So I went back to the shop and was told that a special chip on the board needed replacing (cough) but due to import restrictions, none were available, blah blah.

    I then left it for dead, although I really could have done with it on the recent trip.

    Anyway, I dug it out last week with a view to either getting it repaired by someone different or buying a new one, so I went along to DB Store in Villa Urquiza on Friday, explained the problem and by yesterday they had fully repaired it for only $4000. No fuss and they explained exactly how that pin-out is actually wired. The goons who had done the previous repair had missed some essential connections.

    A new one would have cost well over $100,000.