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Cristina vs Alberto - the gloves are off!

  • The rude language of our puppet president Alberto Fernandez:

    Showing blatantly his low class origin, and lack of a proper manners for a Stateman (Which he never will be), the president used a very rude expression; here,

    "Un carajo estamos perdidos"

    He said in Spanish:

    Este miércoles, el presidente Alberto Fernández se dirigió a José C. Paz para dictar clases. Posteriormente, acudió a un plenario del Partido Justicialista por invitación del intendente local Mario Ishii. Y allí, al dirigirse a los presentes, el mandatario expresó: “El que quiera hacerles creer que en 2023 estamos perdidos, ¡un carajo estamos perdidos!”.

    Which in English is:

    This Wednesday, President Alberto Fernández addressed José C. Paz to teach classes. Later, he attended a plenary session of the Justicialista Party at the invitation of the local mayor Mario Ishii. And there, when addressing those present, the president said: "Whoever wants to make them believe that in 2023 we are lost, damn we are lost!".

    I must highllight that in English sounds less rude, but in Spanish is a very ordinary and low class expression. But all fits: from ignorant, rude, obnoxious people like this kind of politicians, we will be every day more miserable and poor. Even for his appearance, I will pleasantly discard him and discriminate. The appearance, the look of a person, speaks also about his quality. I know that these things are not politically corrrect. Rudeness is everywhere and no one behaves with some care for his language,

  • He's desperately trying to assert his authority due to the onslaught from CFK and he is both incapable of doing this effectively and knows that he is being usurped by her.

    In a word, he has lost the battle.

  • Perhaps he observed and decided to imitate the crude language used by recent populist world leaders whose popularity rose with each vulgar utterance.

    So - to Cristina - what do you think inspired her to undercut her hand-picked “boss?”

  • Perhaps he observed and decided to imitate the crude language used by recent populist world leaders whose popularity rose with each vulgar utterance.

    So - to Cristina - what do you think inspired her to undercut her hand-picked “boss?”

    I believe this has been her plan right from the start. To get him into a corner, discredit him and for her to become president once again.

    This is more than a battle of wits because she has criminal cases against her, while she is trying her level best to neuter the judiciary to her own benefit. I'll bet a tidy sum that in 2023 she will put her name forward as a presidential candidate. She could win, which should be very worrying for all of us since the opposition is once again in disarray.

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    Carlos, was Illia, not a decent, honest guy?

    Yes, it was very honest and prudent. He was able to reduce poverty to a 4 % and full employment. At that time his foreign ofiice Minister was close to make an agreement with the UK for the Islands question. But the dumb military of those times make a soft coup d'Etat and was wiped off. Only 2 years of power. Then came General Ongania,

    another stupid one, who was fired by another military, Lanusse.

    At that time the peronists were also taking advantage of him, and the subversive terrorists trained in Cuba also begin to hit the weak democracy that we had.

    In the 1960's Latin America was hit by the communist regime of Castro and ypung people believe that communism was the solution.

    Another good president that we had was Arturo Frondizi (1958 - 1962) but he was a bit tricky. He made a covenent with Peron to get the votes of the peronists and got elected with the permanent suspicion of the military, who were extremely anti peronists and anti communists. He had a good relation with J.F. Kennedy and was able to speak in equal terms with John Foster Dulles, at that time Secretary of State. Frondizi favoured the developing of Industry, especially the steel and car industry.

    I quoted Marcelo T. de Alvear because he was born in a high aristocratic family and he never took a penny from the government, We received the Prince of Wales (then Edward VIII) of the UK in 1925 and the party offered to him was paid with HIS money, not from the state treasury, He was the president of the best period of Argentina, when we were back in America only after the USA, Relationship with the UK were excellent and no one though that there would be a war with the UK 60 years later..

    I like that kind of people. Even if I am not an aristocrat, I recognise that they represent the standard of dignity that my country deserves. But now, to my dismay, this is all over and will never come back, Politicians in general behaves as porks.

  • No wonder that Arturo Illia had an excellent descendance. He was a honest, true politician and this is transmitted to grandsons as the doctor that assisted your wife in the Hospital Aleman. I am glad that you have a scottish argentine son..

    Remember that in this country the first immigrants from Great Britain were Scots, in 1820. That was good for us.

  • Remember that in this country the first immigrants from Great Britain were Scots, in 1820. That was good for us.

    Yes always remember my grandmother who loved to travel telling me stories about her uncle who boarded a ship to come and live and work in Argentina. He was an engineer and helped build the railways. I was fascinated. Sadly, she died aged 96 before my association with Argentina started.

  • The railways engineers that designed the huge railway net that had almost 41000 km, were very good and able to design railways routes avoindig floods and many other topographical problems, and they did that before our brand new systems of GPS, theodolites and other improvements. Surely they had the advantage of the skill in making channels all around the UK, before the rising of the trains. I never heard that an argentine train was delayed or broken because a flood or a bridge damaged.

    And be aware that the Pampas are a huge, plain land which is often flooded by many meandrous rivers with low pitch.

    Another goof thing is the design of the stations, mostly in "Railway Gothic". Nowadays many abandoned, but the high quality of its architecture is quite apparent.

  • James Neilson explains in plain English the Cristina/Alberto psycho-battle and her fight with the judiciary.

    When is she not fighting with someone? The first was was with the farmers back in 2008 when she was blocked by her vice-president, Julio Cobos, a moment to be remembered when he had the casting vote in Congress.

    Argentina still hostage to a psychodrama
    Cristina’s legal difficulties have dominated Argentine politics for many years. No doubt they will continue to do so for some time to come.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “The Cristina and Alberto battle” to “Cristina vs Alberto - the gloves are off!”.
  • She's really gunning for Guzman, the economy minister. He in turn has the support of the American ambassador and the IMF. She wants him gone because she thinks he's being too soft with the IMF and she doesn't think Argentina should be paying those imperial western pigs one single dime.

    She's actively tearing the current coalition apart and she clearly has an agenda - to see Alberto out of office before 2023 or to see her son take power next year. Or even run herself, God forbid.

    ‘I’ve got the power!’
    There’s a civil war raging between President Alberto Fernández and his second-in-command, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – and said conflict is tearing the…