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The last duel in Argentina (1968)

  • On 3rd November 1968, Admiral Benigno Varela and journalist Yolivan Biglieri confronted each other with swords in Lanus and began the duel.

    It all came about after Biglieri had written an article accusing Varela of being a traitor shortly after President Illia had been removed in a military coup of which Varela was a participant.

    The duel lasted three rounds, a total time of about twenty minutes, but was eventually stopped by the referee (a judge) when the two men were too badly injured and bleeding profusely.

    Since dueling was illegal at the time, it was denounced by several people but the cases never saw the light of day and the two men never reconciled their differences. They did however, recognise the bravery of each other, since it was agreed that they would fight to the death.

    La sangrienta historia del último duelo en la Argentina: traición, sables y odio para pelear hasta la muerte
    El almirante Benigno Varela y el periodista y dirigente radical Yoliván Biglieri, que había acusado al militar de “traidor”, se enfrentaron sable en mano hace…

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  • Very interesting! Right now, I’m writing this post from our apartment in New Orleans which is on a short street of buildings originally occupied by sword fighting schools. Our brick walls bear the scars of sword slashes.

    But dueling became illegal here in the late 19th century. I’m trying hard to imagine that anachronistic 1968 duel in Argentina.

  • However several decades ago, of course without a mortal weapon, a kind of duel was made between foes, using fists and if the fight escalate, it may finish in a death, as one of the duelists were so angry until the point to continue to smash the face of the fallen foe in the ground. I was witness of this an the early 1960.

    The worst experience of this that a circle of our school companions were looking with pleasure what was going on. It seems that a huge punishment for the losere was a good thing to see. They actually rejoice with the punishment did to another one.

    In those times, bullying was a very common thing. Showing a preference for non violent sports or subtle arts like music or poetry was an invitation to the big bullies to be a target to them,.

    Being prudent, and lacking disuasive appearance, i never told them that I liked classical music or painting watercolors.

    Now, as times going by, I see that those bullies were only very obnoxious people. All failed ones.They deserve their poor destiny.