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Do you use an AdBlocker?

  • I have recently purchased ($5) and installed AdBlock as an extension of Chrome. The reason for that is that I was being displayed gruesome advertising when I read an Italian newspaper. After comparing my Chrome window with my mother's Chrome window on her computer, I could not find a way to get rid of the extra ads I was getting.

    However, now many websites can spot the AdBlock and will go blur, showing a popup that explain that they live on advertising and that with AdBlock enabled I cannot navigate their website. The newspaper to which my mom is subscribed (and where I was seeing the gruesome ads) has an extra paid subscription for ad-free reading, but many other websites do not. You either disable AdBlock or you can't read them AT ALL.

    I am quite disappointed to have spent money for a lesser result than before. It is true that I was was getting the annoying ads, but at least I could access the (paid) content. Now I can't even read the newspaper!

    Do you use any AdBlocker and if so, are you experiencing the same issue?

    If anybody is interested to reproduce the issue, just install AdBlock and then try to access…-del-naja-massive-attack/ or

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  • I use the Brave Browser for most of my internet trolling, I do use Adblock when using Edge, would never use Chrome. I do get pop-up notices

    to disable my ad-blocker, not going to do that, so I wave good-bye, and find my data elsewhere.

  • I don't mind seeing advertising as long as it's included in part of a page it's the ruddy annoying ads that appear from nowhere that get on my goat. Some don't even allow you to click out of them. So I'm like Daniel, if they get too annoying I just go elsewhere.

  • I’ve been using Adblock on Safari for several months, specifically because the ads on this forum were so numerous and obtrusive. This problem has been solved by Adblock, which hasn’t caused any problems.

  • Hello everybody,

    Yes.. Adblock and Cookiebro for me.

    I'm using Firefox and Chrome.

    Firefox because it blocks pop ups and is very easy to hide your history and is Open Source..

    Chrome because it has built in e mail and One drive, that I use with my son's business to transfer large files.

    Cookie bro lets you collect the cookies on sites you use, and remove the ones that are toxic.

    It is rare for me to come across an Adblock firewall, and as has been said earlier you can get the information from other sites..

    From up on my mountain on a beautiful Spring day.. 8)