Eating out tonight

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  • I didn't notice any Guinness mate, but I did notice how popular this place is since it changed hands.

    It's now owned by an American surfer from San Diego and he's transformed it from a run down, worn out, typical Arg eating house (bife with everything) to a quality, high turnover restaurant, if a little trendy and crowded for my tastes.

    We turned up at 8.30 and even then had to wait for a table, mainly because it was Saturday night of course. I chose the lomo sandwich with fries (proper chunky ones) which was huge and beautifully cooked and Adri had the pasta which she loved. We sat outside with views of the river and a starry sky which was very pleasant, aided by a very nice Trapiche Cave du Fond Cabernet ($230) and a bottle of Sol beer to start.

    Maybe I'm getting older but the tables and chairs were too low for me, but that's just a detail.

    The service was excellent, although they do rush you a little, only because when we left at 10 they were queuing outside to get a table. Top quality food and at $900 I can't say if it's good value or not because of wacky prices nowadays. Probably is though.

    We really enjoyed it, but next time I'll try and find somewhere a little more intimate and less crowded.

    We took some nice photos but as usual I forgot to snap the food. Got some stars though.