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Shopping for a new monitor

  • I was going to mention this, but didn't want to ruin your day.

    A video signal over USB is never going to cut it, over HDMI or Display Port. The device needs either VGA, HDMI or DP out, end of story.

    The mouse will lag because the refresh rate from the device to the monitor is too low.

    My MacBook Air only has two USB-C ports.

    Looks like you've done all the right things!

    How to Connect a MacBook Air to a Monitor
    Feeling restricted with only one MacBook monitor? Learn how to create a MacBook Air dual monitor setup and use it in extended or mirrored mode.

  • I will cry a little more over this cable/monitor issue. It seems that a OS update did improve a little bit the situation.

    However, sometimes it seems to lose the settings, and connect the external monitor as an Extended monitor instead of a Mirrored monitor.

    Thank you for linking that article. I will have to find out how to solve this for good when I regather my zen. Since my new Macbook Air is new, I should have free technical support for the first three months. But I need to find the time to do a looooong conversation with them and I am already behind with work.

    So much time lost for this bloody monitor, cable and computer. I feel like an ape visiting the NASA.

  • Today I spent a solid 2 hours with the Apple Support (included with my new purchase). They have been useless. According to them, I should reinstall the OS. We did it and nothing changed. We just wasted one hour of our time.

    At least, now I have calculates that it takes exactly two minutes to wake up the monitor. I will try to order a USB-C to DisplayPort cable next week, hoping this will resolve the issue.

    The computer-monitor signal is working, however the monitor stays black (as in: the screen turns on but the image is black) and only after 2 minutes I can see the mirror image of the notebook.

    Sometimes the monitor goes black after 20 minutes, sometimes after 5 minutes after I am not touching the keyboard or mouse.

  • Update: I had a call with Apple Support and went to an authorized support center in Capital. They said that it is likely a fallacy of this series of computer - they can't manage well video output if it is too high res. We tried in-store with a "simple" HD monitor and it worked flawlessly. It seems the issue is that my LG monitor is too good of a monitor, which is VERY disappointing to hear.

    We also checked the specs on the website and the technician agreed that "on paper" my solution meets the tech specs. I asked for the exact tech specs to buy the best monitor that my computer support, but they were unable to help. They said it is a trial and error process.

    Sometimes I send to the printer 10 pages and the video disappears!