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Travel restarts , - big trip coming up.

  • Some of you know that I used to travel fairly extensively pre-pandemic.

    All that died of course.

    This year I have managed a three-day trip to Uruguay on the ferry and a three-day trip to Paraguay.

    Tonight, I start on my first big one for two and a half years.

    Leave home at 21.30 to fly to Bogota and have a direct connection to Fort Lauderdale.

    One day shopping at Sawgrass Mall on Friday and up to West Palm Beach on Saturday via Delray Beach where one of my friends has received some parcels for me.

    Then 5 days at the America's duty Free Convention – hard work but some excellent social events. Masks are apparently optional.

    Back a week on Thursday. via Houston and getting into Ezeiza on the morning of Good Friday.

    Looking forward to it but am slightly nervous.

  • Sounds like a whirlwind trip. Enjoy!

    Yip , I would normally add an extra couple of days to see friends, or the boss and the wee boy would join me for a week. But both of their passports are out of date - The Argie one can be sorted ( with the express service) but no appointments for visas and their European ones are also out of date and there are no appointments at the Spanish embassy right now.

  • journey. :thumbup:

    Must admit after 40 odd years of travelling I no longer have the desire for it...even in biz class. The only places I'm now willing to travel to are the UK and Spain.

  • After years of being on flights two days a week for business and and taking very long flights several times a year for pleasure, I’ve not been on a plane in 25 months. I’m also feeling a strong reluctance to go through the whole airport and flight ordeal again.