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Social security camps protests March 2022

  • Numerous social groups, most of them subsidised by the government by the way, are demanding more social security payments under schemes such as Potenciar Trabajo, defined as the following on the government website:

    What's your objective?

    Its objective is to contribute to improving employment and generating new productive proposals through the development of socio-productive, socio-community, socio-labor projects and educational completion, in order to promote full social inclusion for people who are in situation of social and economic vulnerability.

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    On 5th April, those people on this plan will receive $16,500 plus a $6000 bonus. As far as I understand it, they are complaining that what they receive falls below the minimum wage which today stands at around $40,000, rising to $47,850 by December, apparently. The question is, should social security meet minimum wage levels?

    Bad comparison, but in the UK unemployment benefit was usually paid under the condition that you were seen to be actively looking for work, but I can't see that scenario being acceptable here.

    But of course all this falls at a time when the IMF is asking the government to reduce public spending and we all know that that is the root of the in-fighting at the top. Public spending is higher now than it's ever been at over US$1 billion per year.

    Is it fair to compare minimum wage to social security?


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  • All of this is the result ofPopulism, a tricky trap invented by ignorant people who needs votes from the populace, in the worst sense.

    I never saw a great nation who grow with this lack of hard working values. This was valid in Argentina until Peron began to give money to the so called poor people.

    Nowadays it is common to argue that "every necessity is a right", that must be given by the government.

    This trend has been a braiwashing since the 1970's as well.

    I sincerely recommend to all the members of this forum to leave Argentina, and do not come back again, The country is a complete failure. The way we were is not happening now. Sadly, I must remain here. Too old to emigrate.

  • I sincerely recommend to all the members of this forum to leave Argentina, and do not come back again, The country is a complete failure. The way we were is not happening now. Sadly, I must remain here. Too old to emigrate.

    Most of us have our own reasons for remaining in Argentina which would require several pages to explain.

    I'm sure we'll survive the challenge.

  • Yes! Publication in Spanish of The Last British President could open the eyes of the country!

    Seriously, Carlos , your anguish about the state of your country is very apparent, and is understood only in a small way by those of us whose countries also seem to be fighting corruption, insurrection and decline.

    But Argentina is more than its kleptocratic leaders, its unmotivated non-workers, its raging inflation and dismal economic situation. Never forget the beauty of the country itself and the even greater beauty of the many wonderful people.

  • Likewise, the US is still trying to recover from its 5-year dip into kleptocracy and autocracy; there is no assurance that we might not soon be on the precipice again.

  • Finally someone is talking sense and it's a point I've been asking myself for some time.

    BA city mayor, Horacio Larreta has said that those who camp out on 9 de Julio or other parts of the city, blocking the free flow of those of us who have to work, should have their social security payments stopped.

    Furthermore, it's emerged that people from these social groups who camp out and block streets are forced to attend anyway, because if not they will have their payments stopped. I always thought that the government controlled and paid social security so how do groups such as Polo Obrero and Barrios a Pie and others, manage to manipulate the payments?

    He's also said that further encampments planned for April will not be allowed, but how is he going to stop them? Larreta doesn't have authority over the Federal Police, only the city police.