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2x iPhone X for sale - 64 Gb Black & White

  • We have recently upgraded our phones and we are selling the old ones.

    They are identical iPhone X with 64 GB of storage, and in great condition. One is black and one is white.

    We always used them with Gorilla Glass and covers, and with also a glass to protect the camera lens on the back.

    Each come with 3 covers, can run the latest iOS and was bought in Italy (unlocked). They also come with their original box.

    The black one has three scratches on the bottom, as visibile in the close up.

    Asking price is 115,000 ARS and can be discussed. We accept pesos cash or payment abroad in GBP, USD or EUR.

  • They look great! And are far newer than my own iPhone (my aim is to hold on until the old one is ready to pack it in, before forking out another grand!). If I were living in Argentina, I’d be happily grabbing one of them up, serafina . You should have no trouble selling them !