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Which Socket Type is More Common

  • EDIT: This is an old thread from March 2022 and I am adding an update at the end. says Argentina uses Type C and Type I. Which is the more common in houses etc?

    I want to drive my electric car from Chile to Argentina and I will need to get a converter before I go. Might even need to get it specially made so need to get this right.

    Will be headed to Mendoza. Would need to stop at charge on the way at one of these places. Las Cuevas, Los Penitentes, Uspallata where there aren´t charging points and will need to charge in a regular socket.

    Thanks in advance if you can help.

  • Type I is the most common

    But it sometimes comes with a slight modification that allows you to use the Euro plug

    The modification is illegal and should not be installed. But you will find it and you can still purchase it. nIt is not dangerous as far as I know.

    Most of us are based in Bs as - Not sure what the electrics are like in Mendoza....

  • Man, so hard to get a converter for Argentina in Chile, asking everywhere. You would think they would sell them in every hardware store, but no. The only thing I found is a universal adaptor, but it looks like the same as the crappy universal adapter I bought some years ago, which often didn´t work. Maybe I should just wait until they put charging stations on the Los Andes (Chile)-Mendoza route.

  • So there is now an electric car charger (type 1 charger only) at the Gran Hostel in Uspallata making it more feasible to drive across that route in an electric car, I have booked that place and one in Mendoza that also has a charger, and will try it last week of Feb.

    I found a Universal adapter (13A) at the airport in Chile that looked better than the previous one incase the charger fails and I need to charge from a regular socket, but that should be the backup plan.

  • The adapter from the airport did work but it was just the backup plan and I just tried it for 5 minutes to see. I was able to charge the cars at the Enel X chargers at Gran Hostel in Uspallata and Lujan de Cuyo B n B. I also charged successfully at one in Mendoza although just for 5 minutes as I didn't really need it but it's nice to have a backup plan with electric cars. So it is possible to drive an EV from Chile to Argentina and back via Paso Los Libertadores albeit a bit adventurous at the moment until they put in some more chargers one day.

  • There are a lot of scare stories out there, especially in tabloids (including the Daily Mail and Telegraph). Don't believe the clickbait. I bet the article cited a specific model or a specific case. Overall if you look at the average of many vehicles the depreciation on an electric vehicle is perfectly good.

    Also keep in mind that it makes perfect sense however for EVs to depreciate faster since they are giving you more value.


    Buy EV (second hand) for £20k

    spend £10k on electricity and maintenance and other costs over some years

    sell for £10k

    Total cost £20k to have a car for some years

    Buy Petrol car (second hand) for £10k

    spend £15k on petrol and maintenance and other costs over some years

    sell for £5k

    Total cost £20k to have a car for some years

    The EV depreciated faster but it gave more value in fuel savings over that time, so it worked out the same.