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That wacky British Parliament

  • In this morning’s Telegraph:

    John Bercow branded 'serial bully' by independent watchdog

    John Bercow

    Mr Bercow has been branded a 'serial bully' by the report

    John Bercow should not be allowed a parliamentary security pass because he is a “serial bully”, a Commons complaints body has ruled, as it upheld 21 allegations against him.

    The former Speaker swore at staff, made a discriminatory remark and threw a mobile phone, an investigation found, following a 22-month investigation into claims against him dating back 12 years.

  • As SpaceNut says the Home Secretary was accused of the same sort of thing but the Prime Minister dismissed the matter out of hand. Not so with Bercow.

    There's no reason why our friends from the colonies should know how our antiquated British parliamentary system works but it might be useful to bear in mind that even though he was originally a Conservative, Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons was deeply resented by the present government because he refused to let the Prime Minister improperly ride roughshod over parliamentary procedure in order to get his Brexit 'done' faster. Bercow is the only speaker in something like 200 years not to be offered a seat in the House of Lords after his time in charge of Parliament and the ministerial anger at Bercow's insistence on doing things properly is thought to be the reason. Some say that's what is behind these charges too.

    The process of finding him at fault doesn't rely on evidence beyond reasonable doubt or even against the balance of probabilities but only on the opinion of the adjudicator. That's not considered improper because that's just the way these things have always been handled within parliamentary circles. John Bercow's own thoughts on the matter can be found in the Daily Telegraph here: