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Recycling in Wales

  • A highway paved with recycled diapers may change the cloth vs. disposables debate

    “This is a pilot project with intriguing environmental implications. A proliferation of diaper (nappy) highways could reduce landfill waste — and influence parents around the globe weighing the vexingly difficult decision between cloth vs. disposables.

    These particular diapers were rinsed — thoroughly, don’t worry. Then shredded into fibrous gray pellets and mixed with asphalt that a work crew clad in bright orange slathered over a 1.5-mile stretch of winding highway this week.

    “You’re not sure what to expect when you turn up to a nappy road,” said Ben Lake, a politician who represents this area in Britain’s Parliament. But, taking a deep breath as he strolled alongside the freshly paved, still glistening road, he pronounced: “It smells like — road.”

    Lake said the nappy road “could be a game-changer for how we approach infrastructure in Wales,” and while people could still be encouraged to shift to cloth diapers, this nonetheless helped to tackle the “here and now” problem of a mountain of disposables thrown away every year.”

    Washington Post, 19 February 2022

  • Very soon someone will do something similar with face masks.....

    yes! Makes me crazy to walk on city sidewalks or by the river, and see discarded blue surgical masks everywhere. Who DOES that? GlasgowJohn , you could be an environmental savior and a bazillionaire if you could solve the mask trash problem in a nice, practical way.