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Buying glasses with private health plans

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    We're with Swiss Medical and both had recent eye test which were free and included in the plan, so we went in search of glasses.

    Adri needed one pair for reading/PC work and one pair for driving. I needed a new pair for driving and to replace the lenses in my sunglasses to the correct spec for my eyes.

    She ended up with the driving glasses at no cost and the reading pair with extra to pay. I paid extra for my driving glasses and a little more for the lenses for my existing sunglasses. The reason we paid extra is that the free ones are very basic and cheap.

    The total cost for everything was about $28,000 with discounts, but we paid in three interest free instalments. If we hadn't had a health plan, the bill would have been around $60,000 apparently. Some health plans are even more generous, so it all depends who you are with.

    I just wish i could squeeze more out of them, but I certainly don't wan to be ill just to that!

  • Yip , I get cheap and pretty ugly frames free with my plan with the Hospital Aleman. I have never bothered to take up the free offer.

    But I should explain that one of Mrs Gj'S cousins is the Head Honcho at an optician in Belgrano.

    So for the price of a decent bottle of wine, I get a bloody good discount on a frame that I actually like!

  • I only wear glasses in the house for reading and using the laptop so not too bothered how they look. I get decent ones through our OSDE insurance and I also qualify for cheapo ones through the wife's teaching health insurance.