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Buenos Aires Casino

  • Although we’ve seen the BsAs casino (or its make-believe entrance) in Puerto Madero, we never gave it a thought. This article from Secrets of Buenos Aires reveals how the language-casino laws were skirted, with the help of a replica of a New Orleans riverboat.

    The hidden secret of Buenos Aires Casino

    28 January 2022
    Buenos Aires Casino has a dark and strange history. Since the opening in 1999, it was the center of political disputes and stories that they want to hide. However, is it worth visiting the casino when you’re in Buenos Aires?

    A little bit of background about Buenos Aires Casino

    First of all, there is Buenos Aires city and the Province of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires city has its own laws. And one of the laws prohibits operating a casino on city territory. But, Argentina wouldn’t be Argentina if even the Argentinian government need to find a way to avoid their own laws.

    So, opening a casino is not allowed in city territory. However, opening a play hall with game slots such as the “Fruit slot” is allowed. Obviously, where do you find game slots? Yes, in a casino! So, city law only affects casino table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, …

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    The National Lottery of Argentina opened a contest to exploit a casino in Buenos Aires. Wait, what? A casino on city territory? How controversial!

    But they were inventive. Let’s open a casino on the river. The river is the territory of Argentina state. And where is a river? Just on the edge of Buenos Aires. Rio de la Plata and the water in the harbor belongs to the state.

    And there was the boat! A 3-level boat in the docks of Puerto Madero. The boat came all the way up from New Orleans (USA). The boat is a replica of a Mississippi riverboat. If you take a day trip to Colonia (Uruguay) with Colonia Express, you can see clearly the resemblance.

    Actually, when you drive onto the casino parking, you’re in the city. When entering the casino main building, you’re also still on city territory. And then you see a small hallway that leads you to the boats and Argentinian state land. How strange!

    The juridical fights

    Even upon the moment of opening Argentinian judges were suing the city against the state to postpone the opening of the Puerto Madero Casino. Meanwhile, already an enormous “game hall” was operating at the Hipodromo in Palermo. Same games, no table games but also losing/winning money.

    Is it worth a visit?

    Our opinion, no. It’s just a casino like any other. There are many other fun things to do in Buenos Aires.

  • There's a large gambling hall here located in a prominent position in the centre of town. Seems to be a very busy place by all accounts. When it opened I wondered why it had a large 'BINGO' sign because as far as I know they don't play bingo here. No idea if it just has slot machines or also has card tables/roulette as well.

    I was a member of a Glasgow casino for years. Just used to go for the free coffee.