Banks for expats

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  • Hi, can anyone give me advice on whether it's possible to have an Argentine bank account.

    I've traveled to Argentina about 30 times in the last 15 years, always as a tourist, for about 60 days a year. We have a house here.

    I'm wondering if a foreigner can open a local bank account in order to transfer money, buy stuff on mercadolibre, pay domestic staff etc. I normally bring in USD and change to pesos at the blue rate, but I feel like a bank robber these days carrying huge wedges of cash around!

    Also, using a foreign card to pay for things online like domestic flights and hotels etc. is very expensive.

    I have a UK passport and driving license. I don't have and don't particularly want a DNI, in case I get problems with the tax police.

  • I wasn't able to have an account until I got my DNI.

    Not sure what the current rules are.

    You can transfer money to Argie bank accounts from Western Union GB - it arrives in the account you nominate in pesos.

    You can also send yourself pesos and pick them up in cash. - this afternoon's WU rate for the GBP is 296! The highest on record I understand.

  • Thanks, GlasgowJohn.

    That's good to know, I didn't know you could send yourself pesos and have it paid at the blue rate. The official rate for GBP/ARS is only 141 today. Is it trustworthy for large amounts though? I have a lot of maintenance work to do on my house.

    Re: DNI, there is something called the DNI Extranjero but I'm a bit wary of getting one. Do you start having to file tax returns once you have a DNI? I wouldn't have to pay any income tax (I don't earn in Argentina, just spend) but

    all these forms take time to fill in and I don't want another complication in my life.

    Are you aware of any stored value debit cards which someone a without a DNI can get, in order to pay for things online? If these exist (like Monzo/Revolut in the UK) this may be ideal for me.