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Hello, arriving on Weds the 9th of February...

  • Hello,

    My name is John, I am a French citizen, though born in England. I am now 66 yrs old and live in Central France in the Massif Centrale:

    My younger son has been in Misiones Argentina for 10 years now, married and 3 children.

    This will be my fourth visit, since retirement and the fact that air tickets with Lufthansa are about 1/2 price, I am trying to come twice a year. This time is for 6 weeks.

    Part of my project is to buy a Motomel 'vintage' 125 cc motorcycle this time, so I don't need to borrow the car.

    If you would like to join me for a coffee (or even a Quilmes) and a chat I would like to meet you.

    From a snowy Correze...



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  • Hello,

    Thank you for replying.

    I am often up late, as I'm on Skype with my son, and also give Technical language classes to Argentinian companies.

    There is a nice coffee shop/restaurant in the bus station

    Perhaps we can meet there..


  • Hello everybody,

    So 1 week to go.

    I have received my travel confirmation from Lufthansa, this has been important in the past, as during Covid, the times and dates, particularly outward bound, have been changed

    with 10 days notice. So my bus ticket will be OK

    It would be nice to meet, but I will not have my cell phone on, as I will be getting a new one in Obera.

    So I've included a scary photo, but I wear glasses..

    So, Dellepiane has no luggage storage or showers...

    See you soon,


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    I would not advise you to publish your real photo here, or any other personal details such as arrival times and destinations.

    I am deleting the photo you posted and I suggest you change your avatar to something else because I have assigned you a default Gravatar for now. It's for your own safety.

    Please be very careful about divulging personal details in a public domain.

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    Dear Sir

    Just in order to spare you money, when you are in Ezeiza airport change the minimum of your european money at the Banco de la Nacion Argentina. They will pay the best exchange rate. Then in BA change in a private exchange house and get the best quotation rate, which is now 210 pesos per dollar. Or better ask your son who lives in Misiones how to do that.

    Remember that the official change is a 50 % less than the real one which is the "blue dollar"

  • Hello everybody,

    Well, that is all the on-line documentation done. :)

    Lufthansa do not give a boarding card on-line, just a receipt.

    The Declaration Jurada was a lot easier to fill in this time, as tourism is allowed, not just family visits.

    I have enough pesos and dollars to travel to Obera without touching my bank card.

    So I will be in the downstairs cafe at Dellepiane from about 9:30 on Wednesday all day.

    Please come along and say hello, I'll buy you a beer/coffee. :cheers:

    My visit is 6 weeks this time..


  • Hello Glasgow John,

    I will be in Obera for 6 weeks, though I am hoping to do a little road trip after the end of the school holidays.

    I'm keen to meet some forum members.

    I'm currently at Frankfurt , my favorite European airport.... modern, clean, and a special offer on Becks Bier.

    The paperwork, real and on line is very easy to use, however there is very little traffic, maybe 50%..I'm not complaining

    I might get a central row in the 747 cattle class to myself and get a good night's sleep

    Hasta Pronto...

  • Obera in Misiones is one of the most European cities in that part of Argentina

    It was founded by Germans, Polish and Volga Deutsch people. You will be surprised to be in a city that is populated by people which came from regions of a very different weather, in the middle of a sub tropical region. But it looks as tidy as if it were in Ost Pommern. (Pomerania in Spanish)

  • Good Morning all and welcome to the weekend!!

    Well, as you can see I made the trip OK.

    My hopes of an empty plane were soon dashed...Full house. I fly Lufthansa because they are the last EU airline flying 747s, so there is always legroom, and I booked an aisle seat.

    Arrived at EZE, I was through Migraciones , baggage claim and Passport control in 35 minutes.

    Dellepiane was a disappointment, although very recent it lacks any sort of 'life' About 1/2 of the expensive looking roof lights are blinking, the restaurant has gone downhill.

    However, as I try to vary my route each time, it was worth trying.

    I had booked a Via Bariloche Executivo coach, so that even though there is no longer any catering service, the sleeper seats are huge and air conditioned. The bus was smart and clean..even the windows!!

    There was no Police control during the night.

    So, here I am in Obera...I had to de-ice my car windscreen leaving home in France, it was 38celcius here yesterday.

    We are staying at home this week-end as my daughter in law is recovering from Omicron, (vaccinated, tested positive).

    I am advancing project Motomel, being helped by one of my students locally, but I may well have to settle for a 110cc Blitz as the Vintage 125 is special order only from the Motomel agent.

    So I´m hoping to buy 'off the shelf' in cash next week.

    I'm going for a coffee now and watch the mangoes falling off the tree into the nets...


  • What will you do when you get the motorcycle? Ride back to BA on it?


    I think my plan will evolve with what I see next week in the way of available machines at the dealer with a warranty.

    The 110 is not my ideal choice, but I am limited on the weight due to an artificial hip.

    So this time I will use it locally, ( it is like a mini San Fransisco here) to avoid toiling up the hills, and then either store it

    until next visit or re-sell.

    I did look at a rental, but for 6 weeks I would be better off buying.