Windows 10 - first impressions.

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  • I don't spend a lot of time defending Microsoft (none, actually - they've got lots of lawyers for that), but as someone who came to their world around the time of DOS 3.0, (support for 5.25" floppies!) I'll weigh in and say that, in general, I love Windows 10. Now I know that we are nearly three years down the road from your initial take in 2015, so my response is based on a whole lot of time and - yes, improvements by MS in the system as well as our familiarity curve having progressed considerably.

    So, bottom line, Win10 is undoubtedly the best OS Microsoft has ever created. It's stable and is underpinned with useful functionality that we couldn't dream of just a few years ago - and they finally got security right, hallelujah! Having showered all this praise on the Dark Empire, now I'll slam them for the tone-deaf morons they are when it comes to user interface (which was really your point all along).

    The Windows 8 catastrophe lingers. Their clumsy attempts to unify all operating systems for all devices resulted in the predictable one-size-fits-none compromises that such thinking is bound to produce. I do use Classic Windows Shell for to restore the Windows 7 desktop, and no, I shouldn't have to do that, but ... it's such a tiny thing that it doesn't even rise to the level of annoyance any more. So I love Windows 10 for its many virtues and forgive it its faults (finding where setting are hidden, as you mention, is one big one), but since Google remains our best friend (e.g., "Icon Size Settings for Windows 10 Desktop"), I forgive it its sins and bid it go forward to sin no more.

  • I am still stuck with Windows 7 as it looks familiar and reliable. I must confess I am a Mac user and I run Win on Parallels to be able to use translation-related software not available for Mac.

    My license is for Win 7 and I did try the free upgrade to Win 10. However, the system was very slow, but the combo virtual machine + upgraded Windows OS is not a great one.

    As long as my translation-related software supports Win 7, I will stick with that. I am done learning from scratch the new system aesthetic change and over-complicated features. I am becoming old and I want the same old stuff under the same name and location, though I will appreciate a slight change in icons. That's as far as I'd go.

  • My opinion of Windows 10 has changed as the OS has evolved. Now it's an easy to customise system and for the most part, incredibly stable. Driver support is phenomenal and when installed on an SSD (solid state drive) it runs like lightning.

    I couldn't go back to Windows 7 now and in fact, of the remaining three Win 7 partitions I had, I've liberated them for additional space.

  • 6 month ago I got the free win10 upgrade (64 bit 4gb ram max for my old laptop and 4gb ready boost from USB pin drive). Can't imagine going back. Only problem is that still unactivated so can't customize anything. (And the

    annoying water mark)

  • I am a Luddite, stuck in time with a PC that's nearly as old as I am. Am facing the need for a new PC or Mac. I have scaled back my business to the point of near invisibility, so am no longer AT ALL interested in any of the usual bundle components except for Word.

    Would welcome any and all advice.

    (And if Serafina is becoming old, God help the rest of us!)