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  • introducing myself as required 🤓

    I am a partner to an Argentinian who cannot stand his own country and has lived abroad for a long time. yet, we are now considering a move to Argentina as his family is there + for a couple of other reasons.

    myself I am more on the 'tired of Europe/want a simple life away from consumerism en el culo del mundo' bandwagon. yes, probably idealistic, but then again, I have been to Argentina more than once and the risks and drawbacks of living in a perpetually unstable country have not gone unregistered.

    it feels like we are pulling in opposite directions, so we are currently hungry for any information we can find to make an informed decision (a lot of it being unfortunately elusive, which I guess is what you get when things are forever a'changing). working out taxes and some other legal aspects has been a bitch.

    side note: I think that sometimes expat forums may come off as if they were amplifying the negative sides of living in a given country, but I believe there's still positive sides to Argentina despite all the chaos, although more often than not living there feels like being hostage to the country's economy. otherwise we would have given up already.
    our idea of life is frugal rural living, a semi-self-sufficient agricultural project with a little side income.
    I guess that's it. I hope to be able to be helpful to someone in the future as well.

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    Welcome to the forum losches

    Living in Argentina and earning in pesos isn't easy, believe me, especially if that income is fixed. On the other hand, having an income in dollars or any other hard currency can be very comfortable, provided it's enough.

    I enjoy life here and we live in a very pleasant area, Olivos, in the northern suburbs. Life can be good and it is most of the time, but there is a sense of economic isolation with some outrageous currency and import controls.

    Living here is all about learning to live with all the shortcomings, but in the end, the positives outweigh the negatives, for me anyway.

  • Hello and welcome, losches . You really are facing a difficult decision,. Can you flesh out the picture a little? Where in Europe are you currently living? Would your plan of rural living mean simple self-sufficiently, or would your agricultural project generate income in pesos this way? Will your side income be in pesos or a more stable currency?

    I love Argentina and am often accused of seeing only the good side, but perhaps can be a little helpful with some analysis of the situation you might find.