Should Boris Johnson resign?

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  • MP’s across the spectrum seem equally outraged by Mr Johnson’s hypocrisy in ignoring the very restrictions imposed on British citizens. But does this rise to the level that demands his resignation?

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    He apologised and kept referring to the ongoing enquiry, but he's on the ropes. I think his credibility has been shattered and don't forget other scandals such as the refurbishment of his flat, that blond American woman who he helped using his position etc.

    It's on a similar level to Albert's party, but i don't think he should get away with this one.

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  • To be honest there are so many backstabbing bastards in the Tory party at the moment if I were him I'd resign and enjoy the quiet life. He can then give his jealous opposers a farewell wave!!


  • Coming from a country where even encouraging a coup d’etat is now acceptable behavior in a head of state, I am both bemused and encouraged by the high bar the UK still sets for its PM.

    In the US, the expression “No one is above the law” has been worn out and effectively discarded. In the UK, it seems to be alive and well. If the PM is forced out, it will be not for mere hypocrisy but for excepting himself from the public safety rules set by his own government for all the (other) people.

  • Truth be told since Queen Maggie sorted out the unions and far left of the Labour party it doesn't really matter who's PM of the UK nowadays. Compared to how Argentina is run even I could run the UK. :D

  • Just had a reaction when I read this:

    Earlier this week, Johnson apologized for attending a “bring your own booze” garden party at his home in May 2020, during the height of the first national lockdown.

    Johnson said he thought the gathering, which he attended for 25 minutes, was a work event and that he went to say thanks to his staff for their work during the pandemic.”

    My immediate thought was “if this is the kind of work event they have at 10 Downing Street, I’d like a job there, please.”