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How much exercise do you take?

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    Up until recently we've been taking very little exercise possibly because we're out an about a lot and also perhaps because that's just an excuse. But recently we've been going for long, fairly energetic walks in the mornings before it gets too hot. I also carry a 1Kg weight in both hands to increase the strength in my arms by flexing up and down as I walk.

    Adri uses the Pacer app on her phone and my Samsung Watch 3 monitors my walking and I've set the daily target to 7000 steps which is about 6Kms, so these are handy technologies that at least give you daily targets.

    I used to be much fitter when I had a bicycle but I sold it a couple of years ago because I was hardly using it. I regret that now because I prefer cycling to walking.

    Jogging? Forget it.

  • It’s great that you are so health and strength conscious, Splinter . Left to my own devices, I would certainly be a slug, as I generally prefer curling up with a book to exercising. But my husband started running as a young boy, and has always been fervent about daily exercise, which we’ve always done together.

    We have used fitness trackers for 6 years, and find that the step counter keeps us from fooling ourselves about the length of our walks. Until this year, our daily goals have varied between 10k and 18k steps, but cardiologists now seem to agree that 7-8k steps provide as much cardiovascular benefit as 10k. So we’ve lowered our target numbers and are enjoying spending the saved time on Netflix.

    I will admit that while, for the many years we were running on a track, I hated every minute of it, now that we are instead taking long walks along the river I really enjoy getting out to exercise.

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    My watch initially set a target of 6000 steps but I thought it wasn't enough. Anyway, it's important that we keep this up because we're not getting any younger and I had noticed, to my horror, that my arms were not as strong as they used to be and were getting flabby under the biceps. Didn't like seeing that at all, hence the motivation.

  • Although not as physically active as we used to be when we had the herd of Herefords we still keep very active. On the days we aren't out at the quinta - where we're always doing something physical - we go on long walks.

    We're not obsessed with taking exercise though....if we don't feel like it we won't. Fortunately, neither of us are overweight and can eat and drink what we want...I'm having a beer the now despite having sat on my arse today due to the heat.

    We do monitor our blood pressure daily and go for regular check ups.