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What are you doing NY Eve?

  • I'll be doing an asado with chorizos, mollejas, lomo and whatever else I can throw on the grill. But it does depend on how may are coming, which is only five this year due to that damn virus and kids wanting to do their own thing.


    Sounds good. Hopefully we shall be doing SFA...apart from a wee cuddle and kiss in bed that is.

  • Bit crazy over the last few days trying to get some projects out before the year end,

    Yesterday was my first rest day. Mrs. GJ had been suffering from a light cold with nasal secretions and decided that it might be a good idea to go for a Covid test prior to this weekend’s party activities.

    She was convinced it was nothing more than a cold but hey ho she got a positive verdict! She has had a full ASTRA ZENECA vaccination plus the booster. We know that you can be exposed even with a vaccination, but she was shocked.

    We are still not sure if she has to isolate for 5 or 7 days, as everyone tells you different versions.

    GJ Junior was staying at a cousin’s place in CABA, so that is where he will stay until next week.

    So late last night I went to one of the local restaurants and ordered some easy to freeze meals, as I know from experience its always good to have something that can be heated quickly as no one will want to cook .

    Then we had to cancel our family gathering to be held in our garden, which was actually easier than expected , as some of the other families invited had some “dodgy” cases they hadn’t been openly talking about.

    Domestic arrangements were sorted with me moving into the guest room.

    A video chat with her doctor sorted out the medication and so to bed.

    I have absolutely no symptoms and we were not sure of what I should do. Our doctor friend advised me not to get tested until I showed at least one symptom as they would make me positive straight away as a close contact of the wife. She told me to only go out for necessary shopping and fully masked when I left the house. Not too sure if her advice is strictly correct but she knows I will not be running to the local dance halls.

    The wife is much better today and is responding to the tablets prescribed by her doctor. Plenty of fluids and meals are supplied by me and I am happy I got the meals from the restaurant last night.

    Tonight I will send the menu to the boss and see what she wants . She should not be drinking but I might allow her a glass of champagne as midnight approaches.

    We will be watching Netflix on different TVs and will shout Happy New Year to each other from a distance,

  • Not good to hear GJ but glad that your missus is on the mend....the Omicron I imagine?

    Heard from a medical professor - a chest specialist who told me indicationa are that the UK will get rid of the virus during the Spring. Here's hoping the Chinese haven't got something worse waiting to release. X(

  • So sorry to hear GJ, hope your wife makes a speedy recovery

    Went to a pub, such an anti-climax to the event. Anyway, made sure that the pint I got lasted 2 hours as I went there far too early