Repair or replace?

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  • Could do with your sewing skills. Recently found a fake Ralph Lauren shirt I bought with several others in China many years ago. Despite only being a quid each they've been great. :thumbup: This one however had its collar buttons misaligned hence why I'd forgotten all about missus admits she hates sewing so I never bothered asking her.

    I might just give it a go myself.

  • Splinter , I’ve never known a sailor who couldn’t sew. You prove the rule. Likewise, my husband is quite adept at stitching up people, but claims utter helplessness when a button falls off.

    I really admire your fix-rather-than-toss determination and am going to follow your example by trying to mend some soft leather gloves today. You may hear screams of frustration, anger, or actual pain, all the way to La Lucila.