The Chivilcoy tornado.

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  • The recent Kentucky tornado brought back memories of the tornado we had here in Chivilcoy eight years ago. I was at home alone when all of a sudden it got very dark. I went outside looked up at the sky and saw the clouds were all travelling in different directions. I knew something was about to happen as did the dogs as they were squealing and jumping about. We went inside and a minute or two later it hit.

    As I've been in a few severe storms before I was more curious than worried. The noise of the wind was deafening and there were several loud thuds as debris hit the house but it lasted no more than a couple of minutes. Apart from some tidying up to do, the only damage was a gouge out of the house wall where a flying lump of concrete had hit it. Which funnily enough was exactly the last place I stood before coming inside.

    Nazarena the MIL's carer at the time was less fortunate as the roof of her newly built house totally flew off and had to be's shown in the video below.

  • I grew up in an area of the US where tornado warnings occurred every March-April, and a tornado actually touched down every few years. The storms in recent years seem to sweep through a wider and longer path now, and to be much stronger. The one that caused so much damage in Kentucky tracked across 400+ km!