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What is Wandagate?

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    If anyone reads TN, you'll notice that the news channel simply can't get enough of Wandagate or possibly Chinagate. What's it all about?

    Mauro Icardi is an Argentine footballer who plays at PSG, Paris, where Messi also plays. He's married to Wanda Nara, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, or so she is described. But Mauro is being chased by Eugenia 'La China' Suarez, a known husband stealer, according to many.

    Anyway, Mauro and La China recently got cosy in Paris and needless to say, Wanda became a little tetchy over this, put her foot down and grabbed him back, posing for the cameras in their reconciliation second honeymoon.

    But La China won't let go apparently, even though Mauro is said to have confessed that he couldn't have sex in that Paris hotel room, whatever that means. Then la China says that she doesn't talk to married men (cough), but Mauro is the exception and her latest is to say that it hurts to see Mauro with Wanda (even though she is his wife).

    It's also said that La China spread all the news about her encounter with little Mauro out of revenge for Wanda saying catty things about her. Meow!

    Some wise guy has even given us a diagram of the ménage à trois to explain what exactly is going on here.

    Gripping stuff indeed!

  • Wanda has a bit of a track record herself - she was married to another fotballer Maxi Lopez - she left him and within a short period of time teamed up with Icardi

    Not a great fan of throwing dirt around , but I still wonder if she was playing for two different teams at the same time.

    The whole thing is all

    But Now i see that the Queen of Journalists , Susana Gimenez is doing an exclusive with Wanda.

    Any bets she will have the other wee lassie in the studio next week?