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We're getting married today!

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    Adri and I are getting married today!

    Civil ceremony at the central registry office a couple of blocks from 9 de Julio and then back home for celebrations. Adri has put a heck of a lot of work into the arrangements and friends have helped by lending us stuff, so that it all goes smoothly. The living room is much bigger than we thought once cleared and rearranged and everything is now set up for about twenty guests. We also have the terrace upstairs, if it doesn't rain.

    It's hard to believe that the day has finally arrived following all the shenanigans we had to go through which are in the other thread and we're looking forward to a happy day with friends, family (mine by Google Meet) and plenty of fizzy drinks and dancing. I may even strike up the fire for some choris.

    I'll be giving a short speech at about 1930, hoping my Spanish is up to it. This is not an Argentine custom apparently, but for me it's important to say a few words, bearing in mind that we first met in BA back in June 1976.

    More to follow...


  • Have a great day and congrats.

    So glad speeches are not a custom here. When I got married my Spanish was shaky (not sure it is much better now) and I was worried about needing to say something. My father in law and wife told me, no no, that is not needed here. Then during the party thing we had after, my wife's uncle who doesn't really like me called me out in front of every one during the cake cutting to say a few words. I couldn't believe it and he was obviously trying to embarrass me in front of everyone with my Spanish. So, I looked at my wife and talked for about a minute directly to her in English. Fuck that guy.

  • My warmest congratulations for your marriage. May the love of you and Adri and the possible wellbeing of the country will help you and wife to attain the highest standard of happiness and jollity.

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    Thanks to everyone for all your kind wishes and the whole day went off without the slightest hitch. The central registry office on Uruguay St was almost like a production line of newly married couples. A very happy place to be and we were given a little red booklet afterwards which I mistook for an instruction manual. It also has six pages for adding the births of our future children!

    The rain didn't dampen the party spirits, the food was absolutely delicious - cold picadas, loads of smoked salmon, pichos (kebab type things) and an amazing wedding cake.

    I gave my speech in Spanish and by the time I'd finished there wasn't a dry eye in the house and I must admit to getting a bit choked up right at the very end.

    Adri's mum, who in fact was rushed into intensive care two nights before (water on lung) was determined to make it, which she did and enjoyed every second of seeing her daughter happy with me, her family and friends.

    A bit tired today, so more to follow!

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    Splendid!! :thumbup: :love:

    Please tell me more about the smoked salmon.

    We had pinchos, which are like kebabs with smoked salmon, brie, small tomatoes on them and also smoked salmon rolls with cream cheese. Forgot to take photos of those, too busy mingling.

    A quick coffee before the ceremony.

  • I like various kinds of pinchos, but the ones you describe sound absolutely fabulous. Nothing about your wedding and reception could have been more perfect. (Better to have saved the choris for another occasion!)

  • I like various kinds of pinchos, but the ones you describe sound absolutely fabulous. Nothing about your wedding and reception could have been more perfect. (Better to have saved the choris for another occasion!)

    Couldn't agree more. The mother in law spent a lotta money on our reception and I don't remember a thing about the food. I suspect the many guests (freeloaders), most of whom I have only rarely seen since, probably loved it. ^^

  • UK Man , your guests didn’t send wedding gifts? Is that a cultural thing? In the US, a guest wouldn’t appear without having sent the gift first, so as not to appear to be a freeloader.

    We did get some gifts but mostly from close relatives and friends. The freeloaders gave us sod all!! 😄 I'm not so sure it works the same way here though. The freeladers were mostly friends of her mothers it has to be said.

    Must look out a picture of us at our church wedding which was the big one.

  • Do post the photo when you find it!

    I’m pretty surprised at the suggestion that wedding presents aren’t always given bay all who attend the wedding.

    Seemingly I was wrong. I asked the missus and she said all those invited to the reception did give us a gift. I got confused as not all those who attended the church were invited to the reception. Word had got around that a Scotsman was in town to marry a local so the chapel was crowded out. ^^

    Here's a pic.