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Word play

  • Frank Bruni, of The NY Times, collects humorous business tag names. Here are a few:

    A plumbing company in Ithaca, N.Y., called the Drain Brain

    A therapeutic massage business in Aiken, S.C., called — you can see it coming! — My Aiken Body

    A tailoring shop in Toronto called Boulevard of Broken Seams

    A tattoo removal service in Denver called What Were You Inking

    A manicurist in Brooklyn, N.Y., called You’ve Got Nail

    A cafe in Oakland, Calif., called the Edible Complex

    An Asian fusion restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Del., called Saketumi

    And also, business names that, in a world even more playful and imaginative than ours, would exist. Those include:

    An orthopedic shoe store called I Stand Corrected

    A restaurant showcasing a crab especially prevalent in the Pacific Northwest called Dungeness Liaisons