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The president and vice-president are now in total war

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    Following the first round of the mid term elections (primaries) on Sunday, where the government lost votes very badly and described even by Cristina Fernandez as a disaster, all hell has let loose in the government.

    Up to eleven cabinet members have resigned, apparently at the behest of Cristina, she herself has written a very long letter criticising the president and others close to him in what can only be described as a soft coup d'état.

    And no matter which way you wish to spin it, this is now all about her, her relationship with the people who support her and her clear and unambiguous message that she and she alone is the one who holds the reigns of power.

    Alberto Fernandez has been castrated and is now nothing more than a president in name only. A lame duck if you like.

    Here is her letter in full, translated by Google into English. The Spanish version is in the link.

    La carta completa que Cristina Kirchner le envió a Alberto Fernández sobre las renuncias en el Gabinete | TN

  • By “honor the Will of the Argentine people “ does she mean that he should step aside for her to take over? She makes it clear that he is president only because she (mistakenly) anointed him.

    “I alone can fix it?”

  • I seems to be a "western side", with the President and Economy Minister Guzman who wishes to pay or make some arrangement with the IMF, and put a dose of equilibrium between

    USA and EU and the "Eastern side", who tries to stay in the axis of Beijing, Moscow, Caracas and La Habana. This eastern side drives us directly to Venezuela, the other one is my preferred. Cristina is like a poisoned serpent, very dangerous. And she has still a hard core among the voters.

    However, the awful results of the last election for the government will not be different in November; with this last scandals, on the contrary, the results will be worst for the government.

    As I said before, Hope, but not Glory.