ProH2O water filters - very happy about it!

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  • In the new house downtown we have installed a water filter from a German guy -- the founder of Pro H2O -- and we are very happy with the results. Before it was impossible to drink tap water because of the chlorine smell and taste.

    The filters are imported from Germany from GEH Wasserchemie. Walter (the German) works with many of the big companies in the provinces that have problems with arsenic in the water. Great thing is that the filter mediums are imported, the refills last for a year, and the plastic cases that house the refills are reusable for as long as one wants. I don't know about the chem specs in detail. He got recommended by a friend who has a microbrewery in Buenos Aires (so water quality is paramount to him).

    We installed our in September 2017 for 2400 ARS and it is one white cylinder on the kitchen top, about the size of a bottle of water, with a dedicated faucet. By means of a valve we can switch from the filters to the regular tap water. The below-the-sink configuration was quoted +800 ARS. Walter will recommend you the best filter depending on your location.

    Totally worth the price and the spare of hand carrying liters of waters from the supermarket, not to mention it is better for the environment!

    You can read all the story behind Mr. Walter Ewy here:…des/pdf/el-nuevo-2008.pdf

    This is the current offering for private customers: