Argentines and booze

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    Yesterday at dinner we were discussing our wedding party plans and I suggested that things would probably kick off at about five pm and quite clearly, the bar would be open, as per being British.

    The response wasn't surprising..."Oh, we never drink that early..." and "We usually wait till much later..." Naturally I fell about laughing and yes, it is true that Argentina doesn't have the same drinking culture as Britain. But come on, really?

    I usually find the best way is to just thrust a drink in their hand and watch as they don't object to the temptation...or work of the devil.


  • Our wedding reception function was around about the same time or even earlier. Wine was obviously in evidence for the meal and "Champagne' for the toast. I do recall seeing other drinks especially beer being drunk during the dancing part of it. No idea if they were included in the cost or the guests ordered and paid for them out of their own pocket though...I suspect they did.