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Switzerland is boring according to this government

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    Security minister, Sabina Frederic, when discussing safety and insecurity in Buenos Aires she was asked if maybe she should emigrate to a safer country at which she replied, "Switzerland may be safer, but it's very boring."

    Thus displaying the usual hubris of this hopeless, populist government.

    The Swiss ambassador, Heinrich Schellenberg replied with this video which I think was the right reply.

  • This government is always doing spectacular mistakes when someone of them tries to say something.

    1. Qualifying as "formidable" the debate in the La Matanza School, when it only was an exhibition of authority to a poor student. (Alberto Fernández)

    2. Promoting more entertainment, even uncontrolled sex behaviour, and enjoyment as with these lax attitudes the enormous problems of this

    country could be resolved. (Victoria Tolosa Paz, candidate to be a representative for the K party)

    3. And now, the stupid statement of this lady (Sabina Frederic, minister of Security) about Switzerland, saying that is a sure but a boring country,

    I would like to my country at least a 50 % of boredom and another 50 % of work ethics. These things are beyond description.

  • Has she ever BEEN to Switzerland, I wonder?

    Mind you, we can all think of great examples of StupidSpeak on the part of politicians in all our home countries. She just felt she had to demonstrate that Argentina can compete with other countries in that regard!

  • This is the same bunch of idiots who said that the Argentine economy was in better shape than Germany, or was it Sweden?

    You couldn't make it up.

    Then again most of those who support this shower of numpties haven't a clue where Switzerland, Germany or Sweden is. They just don't realise how mature and successful those countries are compared to this country that's still in nappies. :rolleyes: