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Don Everly

  • Just read today’s Telegraph story on the Everly Brothers and found this interesting:

    One of their biggest hits, 1960’s Cathy’s Clown, was a direct influence on The Beatles, who modelled the close harmonies of their formative chart-topper, Please, Please Me, on the Everly Brothers’ vocal arrangements.

    “Such was their devotion to Don and Phil that Lennon and McCartney briefly considered calling themselves the Foreverly Brothers.

    “And where The Beatles had gone, all of rock would soon follow. Simon and Garfunkel covered Bye Bye Love and Wake Up Little Susie. Linda Ronstadt scored a hit with a version of their sublime When Will I Be Loved…

    “Their music would go on to resonate through the decades. Johnny Marr, guitarist with The Smiths, said his love of rock’n roll was forged listening to the Everly Brothers as a child. And their ability cross over from country music into rock has provided a guiding light for artists as far-flung as Wilco and Taylor Swift.”