Flakka - the zombie drug

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  • I came across this in some bizarre round about way after watching a video on the effects of cocaine.

    Flakka has the effect of giving you extreme paranoia and a physical appearance of a zombie, with all the mannerisms. Truly terrifying from what I've seen so far on YouTube and it's a sure- fire killer, often after the very first dose.

    This video is decidedly tame in comparison to others which you'll see available if you're so inclined.

  • Yikes. Is this something global, or mainly in the USA? Strange coincidence that these people running naked through the streets are found in close proximity to Disney World. It's a small world after all.

  • Guess this is real, but it sounds like something The Onion made up. Okay, I can understand the attraction of something that makes you feel good; e.g., cocaine or heroin. But here's something that you can take that makes you run naked through the streets, exhibit "extreme paranoia and a physical appearance of a zombie, with all the mannerisms" and get hurt really, really bad. And people can't wait to do that? And pay money for it?

    Sorry if I show a lack of compassion, but the video referred to the addicts as "victims" several times. In what world are these losers "victims?"

  • They may be losers but the're still victims. Victims of ignorance about a lethal drug.

    I don't take drugs but addicts need the rush, more and more and if they think xyz drug will give them that bit extra, they'll take it regardless.

    In Argentina, Paco is the zombie drug and users will sell their souls for it. The narcos don't care a jot of course.

  • We'll probably disagree about degrees of victimhood, but no doubt are united in identifying who the real villains are.

    I'm still confused and not being judgmental in this question: how could anyone ever take this drug twice after what happens? How can going nuts and hurting yourself be fun?