From March 1st you'll be able to buy dollars almost everywhere - including kioskos.

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  • The central bank has announced that from March 1st you'll be able to buy/sell USD at almost any registered outlet including supermarkets, kioskos and taxi firms.

    Apparently this is to encourage competition, but I'm no economist. Perhaps they have have a cunning plan to do an Ecuador and adopt the USD as the official currency at some time in the future, who knows?

    This of course is a far cry from the dark days of the golden decade (2004-2014?)…cas-podran-vender-divisas

  • I hope it is good news. I would love to have many safe places where to exchange money without having to ask around where to change in all safety. Cuevas are great, but few and basically know to anybody who is in the business (of either exchanging or stealing money).

  • The advantage to buy and sell dollars in a non official place is that you are not detected by the AFIP. They inmediately will ask you where you got that dollars that you are trying to sell?

    They will detect inconsistencies with your annual declaration of Personal Properties, and contrast it with you official incomes and consumption.

    The real reason is that many people has non official incomes because the places where they have jobs try to skip the taxes on employees that sometimes are a 60 % of the pocket income of the employees. This is the reason why employees remain mute. Anyway, they got their payment.

    So, they feel OK with their employers.